Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Zapatec Ajax Suite 2 Unlimited Edition

Zapatec Ajax Suite 2 Unlimited Edition
Actual Price: 5400$
Warez-Home Members: Free

The Zapatec AJAX Suite Features
AJAX Framework bullet Array of components
The Suite includes a wide array of components.

* The widgets also known as controls are high level components that you can use in your application either independently or in conjunction with each other.
o Forms
o Windows
o Menu
o Tree
o Grid
o Calendar
o Editor
o Tabs/Wizard
* The modules are lower level components that are used to enhance your application.
o Auto Complete
o Drag and Drop
o Effects
o Extra
o Pane Set
o Slider
o Time
o Tooltip
o Transport
o Template
* The utils library provides an array of utility function that provide basic, but cross-browser compatible functionality.

AJAX Framework bullet Full AJAX Framework
The modules, widgets and library combined provide an AJAX framework to cover your full development needs. Starting with the Zapatec AJAX Transport to fetch files seamlessly from the server, through the forms, grid, and windows systems all tied together by the library to create a full AJAX framework.
AJAX Framework bullet Easy startup and low learning curve
Start by using only the parts you require initially, and then expand to additional components as they become needed.
AJAX Framework bullet Widgets work independently or with each other
The Zapatec AJAX Suite is engineered so that you can use the different components separately or with each other.
AJAX Framework bullet Cross Browser Compatible
The Zapatec AJAX Suite works in all modern browsers including Firefox 1.0+, Internet Explorer 6.0+, Opera 9.0+ and Safari 2.0+.
AJAX Framework bullet Standards Based
The Suite uses standards as much as possible. The menu and the tree are constructed from HTML elements, extra information is passed in HTML classes resulting in pages that are valid HTML. The suite communicates with the server using HTML, XML or JSON.
AJAX Framework bullet CSS Based Themes
Easily change the themes in any widget using standard CSS. Pick an existing theme, or write your own to match your web site or application.
AJAX Framework bullet Consistent easy to use interface
Control the behavior of the suite, using a consistent well-documented API to create and control your widgets.
AJAX Framework bullet Platform Agnostic
Using .NET, JSP, PHP, ASP, Perl, Python, Ruby or any other server technology? That's OK with us. The Zapatec AJAX Suite is platform agnostic, and will work with any server technology.




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