Thursday, April 3, 2008

Kootali Facebook Clone 1.5 ( Latest Releases )


Kootali 1.5 with all new look and feel is released.

Kootali is a social networking script wherein the members can share their profiles, photos, music, events with friends and others forming a group. Kootali Facebook contains most of the Features of Facebook and few additional features. It is a product of Agriya Infoway Pvt Ltd, Chennai, India.Kootali is a complete software package which can be used to construct your own social networking site and also to increase the traffic of your existing site by integrating the Kootali Facebook clone. The script is designed in such a way that it has features, that allows members to interact with each others like chatting, Messaging, E-mailing, Voice Chat, Video and File sharing, Blogging, Launching Forums and so on.

Why Kootali

Kootali Face book has characteristics like Easy to Navigate, Search Engine friendly, Scalable, Easy to integrate with existing site. The script can be customized based on your requirements and can be branded for you. We offer you a professional technical support round the clock and provide you free updates. All these features make Kootali a unique Facebook clone currently available in the market.

Kootali 1.5 inherits :

* The complete new look & style templates.
* The complete CSS based design/layout.
* Multiple Language Support.
* More improved user friendly version.
* API support will come as next free update.


* Linux Server (some old distributions are not supported).
* PHP version - 5.2.1
* Appache version - 2.2.4
* MySQL version - 5.0.33
* Red5 version - 0.5

Kootali Face Book Clone Live Demo

Member Login:

User Name:
Password: 123456

Admin Login:
User Name: admin
Password: admin

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