Friday, April 4, 2008

Login System v2.0

Very good and secure Login System for any website.


Here are some of the features in this Login System that weren't included in the initial tutorial:

* Better Security - Passwords are not stored in cookies, randomly generated ids take their place.
* Member Levels - Now users can be differentiated by what level they are (user, admin, etc.)
* Admin Center - As an admin, you have full control over registered users. You can view user info, upgrade/demote user levels, delete users, delete inactive users, and ban users.
* Visitor Tracking - You can now tell how many guests and users are actively viewing your site, and who those users are. You also know how many total members your site has.
* Account Info - Users can now view their own information, and edit it as well. They can also see the information of other users.
* Form Helper - No more ugly error pages! Now users are redirected to the form they filled out and the errors that have occurred are displayed.
* Forgot Password - Users who forget their password can have a new one generated for them and sent to their email address.
* Email - Now emails can be sent to newly registered users.
* Miscellaneous - Much better code design, smooth page transitions, and MORE!


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