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Mail Machine Pro v1.7b

Mail Machine Pro is a professional mailing list manager written in php. This program features a web-based setup wizard, unlimited lists and subscribers, unlimited admins, personalization of newsletters with user data, autoreplies, scheduled mailings, email attachments, link tracking, bounced email management, opt-in/out, optional SMTP sending, mailing lists stats, import/export of subscriber list, automatic backup and restore, real-time message queue and more.


Web-based setup wizard
Have Mail Machine Pro running within minutes (or take advantage of our free installation service). Simply upload the distribution files, change file permissions as detailed in the installation documentation, and run the installation wizard.
Users Manual
Detailed documentation of how to use Mail Machine Pro.
Works in all common web browsers
Mail Machine Pro works with all common web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Mozilla and other gecko-based browsers!
Central Language File
Mail Machine Pro users are not limited to English. All text in the program can be adjusted by editing a single source file. Users have the option of using one of our pre-existing language files for Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese languages.
Easily change the look and feel of Mail Machine Pro to match your websites color scheme, logo and more.
Unlimited number of subscribers and lists
Create hundreds of mailing lists and either import your existing subscribers or use Mail Machine Pro to automatically create a subscription form for your website.
Send newsletters in any email format
Send any type of emails such as HTML, plain, multi-part emails.
Upload and send attachments.
Includes full support for adding and sending attachments.
Send newsletters from your SMTP mail server.
With Mail Machine Pro you can specify your own SMTP server when sending newsletters.
Batch-mail sending
Send out batches of e-mails in a set time interval. This is an extremely important feature for web-users whose web hosts have newsletter policies.
Personalize mailings
By recording user information such as first name, last name, e-mail address, city, state, zip code, country, and more, you can personalize each e-mail you send out. Personalization of emails has been proven to increase reader response rates by 600%!
E-Mail Templates
Save yourself time by saving the content you work off of most when composing newsletters. When composing a message, simply click the template you are interested in loading from the drop-down menu built into the program!
Schedule the sending of messages
Schedule future mailings to be sent at the date of your choice! Out of the office when you want your message to go out? Don't worry, with scheduled sending, your subscribers will receive that message on the day you choose regardless of where you are! (Requires cronjob)
Send Autoreplies
Send follow-up emails to your subscribers! For instance, you may have an autoreply that welcomes your new subscriber, then have a message automatically sent to him/her two days after their subscription, and have another mailing sent a week later. Selling a product? Experts state it often takes 7 or more messages before prospective customers make a purchase. (Requires cronjob)
WYSIWYG Text Editor
Mail Machine Pro comes with a powerful text editor for composing HTML rich messages. Our integrated text editor allows anyone to compose compelling HTML messages complete with images, tables, links, and text formatting with ease!
Request double opt-in and out
Require subscribers to activate their subscription by clicking on a confirmation link that is sent to their e-mail address.
Update Account Info Link
Allow subscribers to update their account information from a text link in your mailing.
Automatic Unsubscribe Link
Allow subscribers to remove themselves from your mailing list by clicking a link from your newsletter.
Manage & track bounced e-mail's (cron enabled)
* You must have the ability to pipe email to a php script.
Let Mail Machine Pro handle your bounced e-mail addresses. All e-mail addresses that bounce an X number of times are purged from the mailing list.
Ban or black list members
Ban or black list specific e-mail addresses or whole domains.
Import and export members
Import subscriber data in batches. Export subscriber data with a click of a button!
Notification of New Subscribers via email.
Be notified via email when someone joins or leaves a mailing list.
Purge Non-Confirmed Users
Subscribers who fail to confirm themselves before a cut-off date are automatically purged from the temporary mailing list.
Real-Time Message Queue
Find out how many e-mails have been sent and are remaining in real-time!
Automatic Link tracking
Every link that is placed in an outgoing e-mail is automatically included for link tracking. Find out the click-through rate of every link placed in your mailing!
Automatic Backup of Mailing List (cron enabled)
The mailing list is automatically backed up. Never lose another mailing list again because of server problems!
Generated form code
Let Mail Machine Pro create the custom form code to paste in your webpages through a few simple steps!
Newsletters sent out in a month
Total number of subscribers
Subscriptions in last 30 days
Bounced emails
And Subscriptions awaiting validation




PHP File Grabber

FileGrabber 3.1 - By: Anup Patel & Andrew Pearce

:: Updated
The Script is now more secure, it also has a better user interface. To come in the next version is a FTP account manager

:: Content

:: Information
FileGrabber is a joint project by Anup Patel & Andrew Pearce we hope you enjoy our file and can find a good home and use for it. File Grabber 2.1 is a script allowing you to grab files from remote servers (by typing in a http URL) ,and store the files locally on ur server(in the folder the script is in). This script saves the process of downloading big files then having to re-upload them, it will save you tons of time if you have a slow upload connection. Please read the Read-me for more information. VERSION 2.1 now is now password protected and it has a better user interface.

:: History
FileGrabber 1 - By: Anup Patel
FileGrabber 1.35 - By: Anup Patel & Andrew Pearce
FileGrabber 2.1 - By: Anup Patel & Andrew Pearce
FileGrabber 3.1 - By: Anup Patel & Andrew Pearce

:: Licence
FileGrabber is Link-ware meaning you can use it anywhere and for anything as long as you keep the link referance at the bottom.

:: Installation
To install and get FileGrabber 2.1 working, all you will need to do is access the index.php and change the username and password for login. Then upload all of the files and CHMOD the uploaded folder to 777.



For pass:
username : username
password: password
see login.php

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